Book Recommendation: SUPER SLOT SECRETS

I’ve read dozens of slot machine books. This is the benefit of having the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program— you can borrow up to ten books free at any one time!

The caution is this: Kindle books vary in quality. Some authors shoot out a tone of lightweight content books in search of quick sales– you can usually tell these by their short page count– less than 50 or 60 pages. The result is a book that covers the basics, barely. You can get through ten of these an hour. But for every ten books that are lacking, there is one gem. In the gambling category, that gem is SUPER SLOT SECRETS, by John Douglas.

This a detailed look at the history, technology and psychology of slot machine design, and the way that impacts the way people play. As the book progresses, Douglas gets into the techniques he uses to extend his slot playing time, which is the key to a successful session, both from a purely fun perspective, as well as from a money management viewpoint. The longer you can play, the better your chances of hitting a reasonable win, and the occasional jackpot.

Every slot machine tip book is based mostly on anecdotal evidence– “this is what happened to me”. The difference here is the amount of research the author has done, couple with the amount of time over the years that he has played. It essence, it is based on a logical view of slot machine gambling, as opposed to the emotional views so many of these books represent. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s a no-brainer– get it. Even if you don’t, the Kindle version is only 5 bucks and a paperback is available as well.

Highly recommended.