• Kilauea Slot says:

    Sorry for not interacting with the chat. We were in the high limit room and there were probably more staff there than players, so we couldn't be too obvious. Thanks for watching, I'll try it again sometime!


  • MGSlots 21 says:

    Sorry we missed this live was modding for another livestream for a friend
    We really enjoyed catching it today and hope we can get together and play some slots sometime this year

  • AA Slots says:

    I usually stay away from the high limit slots. With my friends (four of us) used to put $250 each hoping to hit something on a high limit slot but nothing won, every time. You did good on the Wheel of Fortune with that bonus spin, congrats!

  • Sorry you didn't win on this one but other Live was Great!!! Congrats!!

  • Tony Yee says:

    Yes we were dropped from the first stream and then I went to bed… caught the high limit play this morning. 🙂
    Have a fun trip and thanks for the live stream!

  • MrMrs SLOTZ says:

    Awesome live stream last night congratulations on your wins very entertaining video

  • Men thay $100 spin very quick

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