Easy Slot Jackpots

The Pictures Above Are From My Winnings at Local Casinos

I love gambling. But it takes money to make money, especially in slot machines. The higher the bet, the better the odds and rewards. The above pictures are from a run I had nearly ten years ago when I had lots of disposable income and was willing to bet big. 

I won $20000 on a $5 video poker machine and had many hand pays in the high rollers’ room. 

I don’t venture into the high rollers’ room now, except if I’ve had a perfect day. But if something big is going to happen, it has to happen early, or I’ll run out of dough. 

So for me, it’s usually playing the penny slots, which of course, don’t cost a penny. I’ll at least try to play the second tier, say $1.25 instead of .75. If I can double my money, say $200, into $400, I’m happy. But I’m happy breaking even as well– today’s slots are fun!

That’s what this site is about- the excitement of playing, whether for pennies, hundreds, or even thousands. We’ve got categories dedicated to big winners and categories for strategies and learning. You’ll learn from some of the best and weep with some of the losers. 

But most of all, you’ll learn by viewing. Welcome to Easy Slot Jackpots!